The holiday break must be a depository of all sorts of possible stories and drama. Too bad I am stuck in this slow turning world up north. Will update soon:D Happy Holidays everyone!

Hard enough

Thursday | 3PM
With recession in my mind, a friend and I scoured Manila to look for a mall with the least people trying to spend their bonus. Unfortunately, people everywhere, which I hate. So while friend almost killed someone for that jeans on sale in Mango, I rested in peace in a bookstore. That is one of the worst moments I had in a bookstore, so I only bought one book. Plus I don't really have enough money:(

Thursday | 10 PM
Tired and with stomachs only half full, we flew to Ortigas to meet with a friend who left law school for the ad world. Despite the haggard look, Podium was the destination. Went to Borough's, which is the only 24 hour resto in the place. God forbid me, they have the best gravy ever! Plus they have chocolate coated chicken wings and awesome burgers! Recommended! Except that the waiters were already looking at us when we were talking so loud and fast, they must have thought we were in some food court in SM.

Thursday | Friday
Since we were already in Ortigas, we decided to go to the nearest place to drink. World, welcome to Home Depot. The thing about my friends I like was how they didn't care about still having class in a few hours. Nobody cared about no one, except for Cuervo.

Friday| 4AM
Wasted and all, my friend dropped me in our apartment gate a few minutes after I realized I forgot my gate keys. With the dogs howling, bells ringing and thieves lurking, I walked to the nearest pay phone (boo dead phone) to call my sister. And lo behold, the gate was opened after an hour! I could have actually attended Simbang Gabi except that I smell of alcohol and sex.

Friday | 2PM
I ate rice. Bow.

Friday | 5PM
Sleepy and groggy, I can't afford to miss Lantern Parade. Though I didn't finish because of crappy engineering orgs who paraded without anything exciting to show, the affirmation that at least I am still amazed by a lot of things is enough already.

Friday | 10PM
Class Christmas party. Ugh.

Saturday | 5 PM
Panic gift buying.

Saturday | 7PM
College barkada Christmas party. Were we that old already? Last year we were talking about thesis, events and the latest movies; now we speak alien! Being one of the few unemployed beings, its actually funny to see them talk about how A earns a lot in an inter national finance company. Or how awkward it is t have office relationships. Unfortunately for me, I can only bore them with my stories, Funny how a lot of things may change in a year, but one thing always remains.

Saturday | Sunday
Alcohol again. The last time I checked, I still have blood in my veins. So I guess it wasn't that too bad. But I might cool off with any alcoholic beverages this break.

Sunday | Whole day

(I thought of posting pictures, but then caution is a nice word. Plus I still have a lot of sleep to catch up. Me and sister will Binondo tomorrow. World, I'm back!)

Konichiwa bitches

My body is screaming alcohol!

I went to a friend's party in Katipunan the other day, but I almost threw up when I entered the place. I know almost every corner, taste of every drink and looks of every waiter, I just can't afford to spend another moment inside. So instead of drinking and getting drunk, I just sat there listening to all their rumblings and worldly drama.

Saturday nights used to be fun. Booze, smoke-stained shirts and tired feet were the symbol of one hell of a weekend. But then, everything is entirely different now. Still getting familiar with all the faces and getting the hang of the new setting, I am a wallflower with a glass of martin.

A friend called earlier and asked if I want to go to this new bar near Manila Ocean Park. But I guess I was too tired and traumatized by how my social life has been acting lately, I said no. We should be sobering up now, maybe in Mcdo or some coffee shop, laughing our asses off because she's been offered by a men's magazine to pose for them, but she said "Ay, hindi high concept." We could have killed ourselves laughing and getting our body drowning in mixed alcohol.

Srsly, I just need an effin drink.

And oh, Robyn is my goddess. Her song above is an ultimate study music. Plus she's Swedish so that's a plus one million points.


All I wanted was to tell you all my secrets. After all, we were on the same boat; and carrying these things inside that no one else can see will hold us down like anchors and drown us out at sea.

I should have told you to trust me, for I perfectly know how it feels. I know exactly how it feels to cry in the shower so no one can hear you. Waiting for everyone to fall asleep so you can fall apart. For everything to hurt so bad you just want it all to end. I should have told you I know exactly how it feels.

All I wanted was to tell you all my secrets. But you turned out to be one, instead.

And I sit alone at night asking myself just when did all this pain begin.

Classroom chronicles

There is always something ill-fitting and queer when I see too much drama. The perplexity of my emotion has never bothered me, but such external complication perfectly stimulates that guy who walks out of a room, never looking back.

Take for example, my classmates who make life a campus perfect for an episode of Gossip Girl. But no, I don't hate them, I actually find it funny. Human bonds, or the making of, are bound for messy complications, which make it a joke.

Guy gets close with Girl1. Girl2 enters the scene.
I guess menage a trois did not work well for them, and I might throw up if it did work. I get to drink often with Guy and Girl1 and I almost fell from my seat when she said this epic line-"Before, I am the female friend; now I am just another friend." Whoever said law school leaves no room for creativity haven't been to our inuman sessions.

Girl broke up with Guy. Girl cuts communication. Guy initiates.
Moving on is a universal phenomenon, tested and proven. And for this girl, 5 months is too short. Despite big "No, I've moved on" or "I am okay, srsly", nothing beats implied actions- say checking his mail because she still has his password or mentioning him when we stop by a place they used to go to. The beauty of growing up it is.

Girl almost hooked up with Guy. Guy clinged.
The line between a fling and something serious is so clear I could see its pores. One could cross eventually, but to hold on to one night, no, barely 5 minutes is beyond hideous. Frustrations envelope the world, but matters like this, I'm frustrated. Ah, irony.

Guy has a lot of issues.
The most interesting species of all. Nothing beats a guy who had the family drama enough to beat Guillen's Tanging Yaman, enough social issues to ruin Regina George's life and lack of life to hold on to. He used to be funny- a living proof that too much drama is deadly.

Girl falls for Guy. Guy will never ever fall.
This is funny. And yes, reading between the lines is recommended.

I guess I am empty. Issues with human emotions and irrationality just make it more infinite. So I guess I have to pretend like I'm one normal guy until I find something or someone to actually fill it in.