So she'll know

This might just be your ex-girlfriend's must have song of the year.

In my barkada's case, the song of her love life. The horror.

Like old friends

Beneath all the pile of law school finals months stress and work-related dilemmas, there are always some things that are worth the breath of fresh air- like listening to good music, or reading a good book you spent two months searching for, or just watching reruns of Modern Family.

1) Florence + the Machine is the best band that has emerged recently. And this single from their upcoming album will attest=

2) The good thing with earning your own money is that your parents won't ask you questions on how you spent them. Or else, they'll find I have ordered online a number of books that are not yet available in the PH. And oh, that includes this well-reviewed gay teen novel, The Vast Fields of Ordinary.

3) Looking at my list, it turned out I have already watches 230 movies this year. Aim for 300! The Cannes line up just needs to torrent-able.

But admittedly, life has pretty been a dump recently. But hell, three months, and goodbye sucker 2011.