An attempt at austerity

I cannot even maintain this blog. But hey, I made a new one where I attempt to review movies, television shows, books, music, and whatever that has gay content in it. This is an attempt to deviate from the usual lawyer life I am on right now. So there, visit if you have time.


I am good. Except for the sore throat and clogged nose, I feel no The Little Prince as the pale red shadow of the setting sun cover my view. I am crossing the roads of Batangas for a weekend with the family, a task I find no optimism and thrill. Work has been pushing my limits lately I crash when Saturdays and Sundays come.

The last post I did was January of last year, almost a year and a half. Back then, I was seeing this college guy from my university, cramming my law school thesis, and navigating the in betweens of solitude and panic.

Now, college guy is already happy with another guy from his field. We are still good friends contrast the cliche ending where we should probably just forget each other and move on with our lives. I won't go as far as saying the five months with him were full blast love affair. But it was a good time.

I graduated from law school, something my parents expected. I don't have an elbow room for failure, something my parents imposed. But at least it was over. I went through the grueling six months of bar review. I go from full blooded bar reviewer to full time slut at night. I am not proud of where and who I've been during the period, but all is well. I took the bar and passed. (Ah, short and sweet)

I am still my usual self: broody, something Plath and Van Gogh would make their art from. Nothing new. I am seeing this guy for seven months. I started working for a law firm. I am unfolding a new chapter, one may say.

But I am good.