Hello, are you still there?

I didn't even have the slightest idea if there's someone on the other end of the line. I just kept on talking and talking and talking till the urge to lick my lips and pause arose. Only when I decided to stop and listen to the silence did I begin to question if there is any presence on the other line at all.

Things have been better since my last post here, which is a distant six months past. Law school is still a pain in the ass and the unending social dilemmas of people around me still pester me. I also managed to squeeze a part time work courtesy of a college professor. But things have been working out on its own.

Too busy to actually study or work, I started to read my previous entries. The feeling was unexplained. Thinking of those entries made me grin.

It was then that I realize its not about having someone on the other line to talk to, it is the feel of comfort in expressing yourself free, the possibility of storing delusional memories and living a world without restraint that made me talk.

So there, I trace the unscathed memories and picked up the dial.