'ship in the dock

Read: World's largest floating bookfair to visit Manila

I lied to my parents about having a date tonight. It was an excuse to extort money so I can spend this Friday in South Harbor smelling books and leafing crispy papers. I was supposed to feel guilty since I just had my laptop repaired but the temptation of floating away from this world is too hard to antagonize. To justify my act of unbecoming of a good son, I have constantly reminded myself that all my past relationships are with fictional characters so it's quite hard to miss this opportunity.

Sunday morning

1. Maybe, just maybe, deep inside all I really want is for you to approach me and start a conversation. It will be awkward, but it will be a good. Hopefully.

2. I'm all for Madonna coming back, but hey, M.I.A is not a cheerleader! :))

2.2. I'm all for Bourne Legacy shooting in the Philippines, but hey, MMDA do your job! Last night, I was an hour late for an appointment in Ortigas because the traffic was hell near Magsaysay with policeman just standing in the corner. More fun pfft.

3. Meet my husbands. Troll.
(I've been obsessing over Sherlock BBC for weeks now. Somebody get me out of this addiction)