The shrew cannot be tamed

Two things, according to my friends, that might be the fall of me. One, I am becoming too fluent in sarcasm. Two, I have the most insulting and demeaning laugh at the most inappropriate time. I tried to deny it, but there might be a crux when all your social groups had the same parlance in less than 24 hours.

College friends. 10PM. Saturday. Somewhere in Quezon City.

I share the same degree of humor and satire with my college barkada, and it would require a separate posts to showcase it. While waiting for Nikki, Joy and I went around Trinoma when we stumbled into this store with a hideous display. With my innately loud law school recit voice, I cried "Who would wear that crap?" The next few minutes were spent outside the store just making fun of their display.

Law school friends. 1PM. Saturday. Somewhere in the campus.

After a grueling four-hour class, the block decided to satisfy hunger with on-your-face unhealthy and over msg-ed food.

Manny, a friend since undergrad days, ordered Arrabiatta. Upon seeing his pasta, I quipped "You know what, Nikki likes that pasta. That's one of the few things she loves." It could've been a normal statement, but Manny, since college, has constantly tried to ask Nikki on a date and was rejected since the first attempt. Instead of the usual oops moment, I giggled.

After eating, we stayed for a while to dwindle on our law school lives when all of a sudden a group of young kids approached our bench and asked for money. The kids, who are probably just a few inches above 3 feet and wearing palaboy clothes, gave a letter asking for contributions for their basketball league. Again, I have to emphasize that these kids are no taller than my 11-year old sister, with no ball at hand and a highly suspicious duplicated document with an untraceable signature. After staring at each other, a blockmate asked "Nag-babasketball kayo?" I got out of control and laughed hysterically it probably disturbed those inside the main library. Everyone stared at me. Apparently, blockmate was very much serious while my mind were full of prejudice.

In the end, a guy blockmate who is no taller than me gave the kids some coins. His reason? He remembered his childhood days when they cannot play basketball because they lack funds. He then pondered on how things would have changed if he had pursued his basketball dreams. I interrupted his solemn moment and said "I could've donated all our land to your barangay and that won't change a thing." At least the group laughed with me on this one.

High school friends. 8 PM. Saturday. Somewhere between Cubao and Tomas Morato.

Since I bailed on the Panagbenga trip last month, I was forced to make it up with my ever reliable high school barkada. We were to dine in Nomnomnom Happy Place and since their place is just one jeepney ride away, we decided to commute.

While on the public vehicle, we started talking about our high school batchmates. Our conservation went to Bryce, who was probably the most acknowledged gay guy in our class. He liked Sex Bomb dancer, read Tagalog pocket book everyday and was sent to our guidance counselor because he would harass one of the good-looking guys in our class. Turned out, he's working as a tutor for Japanese online. Also, he has a Japanese girlfriend.

I couldn't help it. I was laughing so hard, instead of whispering to my friend, I let the whole jeepney hear me. With a red face, I said "Anong gagawin nilang dalawa? Mag-fifingeran?"