10 things I wish people know/don't know about me

mind too tired from studying + waiting for tea to get warm + lack of interesting thing to post

I was originally tagged to give things people may not know about me. But I think I already did that a few years ago in another blog, so scrap. Here's to boredom!

I wish people know that...
1) I cry over chick-flicks and likes watching one when I am sad. I am a "mind" person. but that doesn't mean I lost attachment to the "heart".
2) I am not a text person. I check my phone like a yaya watching telenevola checks her alaga.
3) I get sick easily. I have random(anytime, anywhere) epistaxis attack whenever my body feels imbalanced.
4) I only look snob. Okay, people think I have some swagger, but really, I am nice. My mom actually thinks I am too nice.
5) I am more of a wallflower. Oh, maybe that's the reason for 4.
6) I suck at consoling crying friends. I would often slam the truth in their face, so I always end up keeping quiet, which I am not capable of.
7) I hate people who thinks Michael Cera is Jesse Eisenberg.
8) I go to a bookstore to read, not to flirt. Every time, every fucking time.
9) I don't have the time like I had before.
10) I am not straight.

I wish people don't know that...
1) I am always online, only invisible because it completely destroys the purpose of being invisible.
2) I read a lot. I hate it when people ask me "Hey have you read this book?" and turns out I still haven't. It's even sadder than blowing a virtual birthday cake on iPad.
3) I seldom borrow books. Uneasiness engulfs my whole body every time I lend books. Because lending books means updating my book inventory and making sure the pages are still complete and in good condition.
3) I don't get drunk easily. I miss playing drunk and acting wasted just to bull some people off.
4) I give rationale advice because it gets annoying when people don't listen and tell me I am too cynic and realistic but would call in the middle of the night to tell me I am right.
5) I make exam reviewers that I share with my friends. I am crab at some point but it gets annoying when law school gets too high school-ly. But yeah, it's sorta high school.
6) I am adept in Photoshop and arts. Back in college, free service when abused is not fun.
7) I love movies. Same reason as 2 and 3.
8) my ultimate dream is to work in an ad agency. I still find it hard to explain when people ask I am I in law school.
9) I live in an area accessible to almost everywhere. "Hey I am in katip, inuman"- ok. "Eastwood, movie"-ok. "Coffee, kahit saan"-ok.
10) I usually over-think.

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  1. i had no idea bookstores were flirt zones. lol.

    and i used to be one of those people who mistake jesse eisenberg for michael cera, mostly because i only barely knew who jesse was.= P

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  3. Same with Ex Jason! I date inside bookstores, but I don't flirt. There's a huge difference. :)

    It's really cool dating someone who also loves to read. Bookstore dates are one of my most heartfelt---simple, happy; you guys looking for books, reading through some pages...And I remember dating this one guy who loves the smell of old book paper. We would go to Booksale just so he could smell some. It's cute :)

    Ang dami ko ng sinabi, but still, flirting in bookstores? How, you eyeball someone in between the shelves?

  4. Dream job ko din to work in an ad agency. For me, it is the epitome of creativity and ingenuity.

    As for bookstores, I have a dream of meeting my partner in one, not from flirting, but discovering a kindred soul.

  5. Jayson: You might want to try once i a while. Just make sure you flirt with someone who can differentiate a good book from twilight. :))
    Jesse is hotter, but Michael is dorkier:D

    Ryan: I didn't date you before right? hahahah. I love the smell of old books and would do anything to make the pages turn yellow. Orgasmic when you pull a book off a shelf you haven't opened a long time.

    Red: I agree with your 2nd point. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to read with on a cold rainy morning?

  6. Dalawa yung number 3, and yeah I don't get drunk easily too, pero tahimik lang ako hehe