The condition I had with myself and my mom was to try law school for a year and do whatever afterwards. A compromise since last year I was too eager to work, and my parents too, uhm, motivated to have a lawyer in the family. So I decided to take a full-time job next year while taking law school at night. Social suicide it is.

CubaoX/College friends
In line with guiding me daw, we evaluated our batchmates who are currently earning more than my friends are. We talked about Poveda girl who earns 6 digits in SG,a friend who gives Kitkat every time we see each other and those people in the yearbook with the most-likely-to-succeed tag.

Friend1: How about (he-who-must-not-be-named)?
Friend2: Diba executive na siya sa (research firm)?

To be clear, despite being in the same college and same circle of friends, nobody knew about the thing I shared with he-who-must-not-be-named.

Friend3: Dude, your a god with research and writing! Try mo kaya.
Friend2: Mahirap daw pasukin yung sa kanya eh.
Me: Ah. (In my mind- I know how it feels. Asshole.)

New Year/ High School friends
Since we were literally dispersed across the country, some with better school and degrees, bragging and comparing was always part of equation. Well, for me, I learned to keep my mouth shut unless I want to get the basta-UP-mayabang stare. So while talking about jobs, they went to discuss climbing the corporate ladder:

Friend1: Okay namang magsimula sa baba. At least experience.
Friend2: Syempre mas okay kung nasa taas na agad.
Friend3: Ok na ako sa middle ground mag start.
Friend1: No, basta ako I believe its better to be in the bottom.
Me: No! Mas okay kayang maging top!

I was laughing my ass off they have no idea why.

So if you know someone who can offer me a job in QC which can finance my daily coffee craving and my book and movie fascination, do tell me. I don't bite.

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