I no longer love her, that's certain, but how I loved her.

Whether you'll be spending next Monday with someone special or not, try to read Danton Remoto's article that came out last week. He quotes Yeats and Neruda so please take time.

My cinema OC-ness clarifies though that Il Postino is nominated in 1995 and not 1997:) Plus, he referred to Andy Garcia reading Neruda's classic poem. I did some search and found this:

Enjoy the mall sales everyone!:D


  1. That was a really good read. Thanks.

    And I didn't know about the mall sales. So I guess thanks ulit. Lol.

  2. Nothing beats Neruda's "Tonight I can write the saddest lines."

  3. i have the same audio poems by neruda! nakuha ko sya last year from somewhere/someone :)