Not Kim Jong Il's, Dad

I have to kill my way to get my father's approval (and money) for my South Korea trip this summer. After all the explanations and argument, it boiled down to my dad's one misconception- I will be shot and imprisoned by some army in some unknown mountain. The only recource left was to grab my father in front of the computer and search for South and North Korea and prove that the internet is not just for porn.

Done deal. That's what I thought.

The morning after, my mother approached me and confided of my father's reluctance for the trip. It will be the first international trip without the parents and I will find a rich guy and decide to elope in some European country. Not sure of my father's reason, I have to continuously insert reference to the trip, to the joy of South Korea, the teleseryes, and yes, I even played SNSD and Super Junior last New Year's eve.

(This requires a separate, cynic and angsty entry, but I hate how my father handles saparation issues.)

This post, to start the year, is an optimistic one. Aside from the travel up north, there's the annual family trip during Holy Week, Palawan (and probably Malaysia-SG) with college mates, more inumans with law school friends, and Sagada with high school barkada. My college barkada has also decided to eat less for the year, so more trips are expected.

Last year, I was also quite pleased by how much artistic taste I have rubbed on my sister. That means more movies and books and music for the rest of the year. They say the third year is the hardest, but I had the hardest every morning for more than ten years now.

Despite my generally pessismistic approach on living, some events encouraged me to look forward to 2012. It may not be enough to curb my enthusiasm, but at least I don't take the single blame on the death of my happiness . There's North Korea, and my dad (and the world. God, I'm so pathetic)

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