Sunday morning

1. Maybe, just maybe, deep inside all I really want is for you to approach me and start a conversation. It will be awkward, but it will be a good. Hopefully.

2. I'm all for Madonna coming back, but hey, M.I.A is not a cheerleader! :))

2.2. I'm all for Bourne Legacy shooting in the Philippines, but hey, MMDA do your job! Last night, I was an hour late for an appointment in Ortigas because the traffic was hell near Magsaysay with policeman just standing in the corner. More fun pfft.

3. Meet my husbands. Troll.
(I've been obsessing over Sherlock BBC for weeks now. Somebody get me out of this addiction)


  1. sherlock season 2 is better because of moriarty. :)

    here's to hoping that the person you're talking to in 1 is reading this post.

  2. I couldn't agree more with your number 1 :D

  3. @gillboard: He definitely made it better! But ever since S01E01 when he played Jim from IT, I already thought "this is a fine man". Turned out he is Moriarty, which made the series better. I am so obsessed shit. hahaha

    @Desole: Maybe lang yun:)) Let's see:D

  4. Someday, I'm gonna be so rich I can afford scene by scene photoshop. haha