(Comic) geek in the pink

I have been reading a lot of graphic novels these past few weeks. Well, the geek inside me has prevailed over law school pressure so comics and some novels had again taken my life. At least it gave me a break from plain black and white sheets of paper scattered across my room.

Graphic novels, I believe, still has a very small market in the country. But in case you decide to spend your bucks on one, here are some recommended titles and character with a touch of pink you could start from:)

1) Wiccan and Hulkling of Young Avengers
I actually have to stop before I continued writing because I get too excited. Undeniably, these two are the cutest couple in the whole Marvel universe. Wiccan is the Scarlet Witch's son and Hulkling is the son of Mr. Marvel and some woman from Krull. The first few issues of the comic were filled with innuendos, but in the 12th and the following issues, their relationship has been a very vocal focal point of the story. I read the graf novel for the nth time and I still have the heartstop moment.

3) Midnighter and Apollo of The Authority
If Batman would have been gay, he'd be Midnighter. But I guess they are not that appealing if you are not into stories of historic and military background. But Midnighter's influence in gay pop culture as the first gay character to have his own titled series is huge. Plus, they even got married and adopted a baby girl. I still have to catch up with their story line and I am not really positive with superheroes marrying, but I guess I'll spare some more space for them.

2) Northstar of X-Men
This, I found hard to find, even online. I guess his story line is too disrupted since he is not a main character compared to say, invincible Wolverine or too gay Storm. But hey, Northstar is the most openly gay character in the whole mainstream comic world, even having crush on Iceman. I guess X-men just have to develop him more.

I think the three above is the best place to start with. But of course there are still more that feature pink character more or less. The new series Chew has a cop who seems gay, Neil Gaiman had one in The Sandman. But if you just want some plain love story, try Yaoi. There are some good find like Seven Days, but most are trashy over squeezed plots.

Okay, I can't help but post more shots from Wiccan and Hulkling. Forgive me, I am a big fan.


  1. other notable gay characters, although not necessarily male are:

    karolina and xavin runaways
    daken (who's at least bi)
    rictor and shatterstar (x-factor)

  2. i love karolina and xavin! focused on the male area here though.

    i wanted to start x factor for a long time but can't find the time and urge:(

  3. Wiccan and Hulkling! I'll look more into that XD

    Dropping by!