"It's not about boredom anymore. You're looking for variety," she said.

It's been almost a year since I last saw D. The moment she left law school, I know my life would be doomed.

We were the perfect law school partners- we never studied, got drunk after class, texted inside the room with no worries whatsoever of bad recitation. We talked about movies, music and TV shows all night when we were supposed to be studying for our Consti exam. We were both eager to leave law school and join the advertising world (or in her part, return). She left, I stayed.

"Then what am I supposed to do? I am stuck", I said.

We both agreed we both were in limbo on our worlds. I was left with geeky classmates whose life is just law school, and those who talk about TV and movies delve into Gossip Girl and 90210. She was forced to work for a team whose creative juices are that of an annoying orange.

But the night was young and spending the night asking stupid question is a no-no. We had some nice chat at Mozu, then had some catching moment with other law school barkada in Barcino. We talked about Midnight in Paris and how we love Woody Allen. We were carefree, just like the old days.

I don't know the point of this entry. It was just nice being with people you get along with, especially now when the world's treating me like an outcast. It's like waking up from a bad dream from a bad dream.

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  1. I guess that's how we get through limbo. We have to remind ourselves what it was like when we were happy and carefree.

    Sorry, that was some cheese. haha