This hand are made for

I am typing this while trying to rest my tired and swollen right hand from doing that cursed thing everyone expects me to do so. It's past 12 midnight and the urge to continue just gets manic.

The usual recourse is to blame my mom. Back in fourth grade, my elementary school offered a special class for penmanship. Now, whenever she criticizes my handwriting, I tell my mom that her insistence that the program was nothing but a capitalistic plot of my school is a ghost of the past that follows me everywhere. She just laughs. Maybe because I have better handwriting than my two younger sisters.

Which lead me to this childhood stereotype my aunts and uncles tried to impose on me.

"You have bad strokes. Be a doctor."

Well, I seldom listen to anyone. I always thought my hands are special (well, I discovered later on its real heavenly specialty). And to determine your future based on how your pen moves with your hand is ridiculous.

"Hey, you're daughter's pretty, she better be a prostitute when she grows up."

Instead, I chose a profession who boasts of its good handwriting and neat papers. Well, I still haven't received any comments from my professors from my blue books. But I admit, I am excited to see one. Then maybe, I'll consider taking medicine.

PS. I am just actually handwriting cases and laws which our professors required us to do. I am starting to feel frustrated by how my perception that my handwriting is not bad decreases as the hours pass by.

PPS.If its not mandatory, I would be doing something different with my hands now.


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  3. i wonder what are the other things that your hands can do, especially at past midnight :)