"Basta maghanap ka ng lalaking walang kasama diyan, tapos lapitan mo na lang. Huwag ka ng mag-inarte."

I looked so desperate at that moment. I know it's wrong, but it has been a while since I have seen one that the urge to commit was extremely high. Who can't resist a good time, anyway.

For a thousand bucks, I approached a guy wearing a yellow shirt. He said it's not quite unusual for me to spend that much for a three-hour experience. I said, it will be all worth it. And it was.

That sounds too x-rated.

Here's what happened in a straight line: Nikki, Kaye and I decided to watch the UAAP Cheerdance Competition. We have neither ticket nor the patience to wait in front of Araneta Coliseum for 15 hours. There was no other choice but to resort to *tundununun* scalpers.

It turned out my skills in scalper spotting was no different from my writing skills. So I have to resort to the internet, which I am so familiar with. In just a few minutes, I was chatting with a guy who has three tickets he is willing to sell for a thousand bucks. The seats are good, so there was no more thinking. An hour after, we were inside the venue shouting at the top of our lungs.

For three hours, we did not care about having no voice for recitation or money for coffee since it's already finals in a few weeks. It was one of those moments where all inhibitions are released and and pride and happiness just devoured your body. (Kidding. I was actually reading my Rules of Court while waiting for the program to start.)
Mabuhay! UP Pep Squad!