Dodging havoc

Zoo animals are in cages for a practical reason- to avoid bloodbaths. Lions are separated from zebras; snakes away from rats. Take away the cage and expect a big mess. This is why it always baffles me when people asks why I divide my life into separate compartments; why I tend to disassociate one part from another.

Last night, I was out drinking with high school friends when the conversation went to catching up with the lives of our batchmates. Six were already producing children on purpose, which made most of my friends evaluate their relationship and commitment status. One questions her tendency to fall for guys who are already in a relationship. One laments over a past love who, according to her, set the standard for her future flings.

Dodging bullets on this type of conversation has been an almost perfected craft. Non-law friends who ask how's law school usually get contented with a simple "same;same" or "just fine" for an answer. When it comes to talks of love and life, I would limit my self to who am I conversing with. In the case of my high school barkada, only those trivial facts that they already knew- the girl I used to go out with in high school, the perversion of my make believe worlds; but I never go beyond those encounters I had with the other compartments of my life.

The night ended with my barkada not getting any raunchy details from me. There are used to it, as far as the oldest in the group believes.

It was a safety precaution, I must admit. Being closeted; all the drama and issues of my too complicated life- there is just a need for some security. Or else.

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