Credits due

Company awaits me in a few hours. Out of nowhere, my girl best bud in high school, Ara, wants to spend the weekend here in Metro Manila to visit her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the guy stays in a dorm. And being the nice guy bud I am, and the boredom I had for the past weeks, I offered my place.

Being the perfect friend is far and not my life goal. If asked one word that would describe me, my college barkada would most likely make use of the word bastard. But you know they would be kidding.

I am the guy that would stay at McDonalds with a drunk friend just to wait for him to sober up because his mom would kill him, but would still join him the other day in another drinking slash vomiting spree at Drew's. That one who is always appreciated because of realistic advice and ideas and would make you smile without particular reason? For some cosmic significance, I was born to be that guy.

In high school, I would spent a whole night listening to a friend over the phone discuss about the quote a crush sent her despite having a long quiz the next day, and the heartbreak that came when she found out it was also sent to another girl. Or give up some alone moment just to talk about rumours being spread in the campus that might involve someone's someone's boyfriend.

And despite my theistic non-sectarian sense of religion, I even went to a friend's praise and worship session and listen to their priest talk about finding yourself in a very sinful world and watch a play that abominates homosexuality. But I went anyways, because I am nice like that.

But the thing is, I am not tired of being characterized as being ubiquitously nice. I may bitch, but I don't mind opening the door of the restaurant for my friends or offer to accompany one to shop just to get over a major break-up.

And for all those crazy times that lead to some absurd or inane things I have to do or tolerate, for all those times I feel like some nameless hero, I just think that there are more to this world that awaits, some deserved vindication perhaps.


  1. i could use a friend like you. haha. im that person who needs an avid listener, obviously because i talk a lot.

    drew's :) such a memorable place. hahaha

  2. I don't want to be used. HAHA.

    But we could be, now that I have a better grasp of who you are:P

  3. better grasp of who I am. haha. funny :) you can ask who i am. i think i will answer. lol

  4. bestfriend syndrome. iyakan ng bayan, kausap ng sambayanan, tagapagsalo ng problema ng iba, tagapakinig. walang oras para sa sariling kwento at pakiramdam.

    true, there is more of this world that awaits.

  5. @Arkin. HAHAHAH. Wait, does your name start with a P? :P

    @Elias, I think i was pretty lucky to have time for my own stories. Restricted and limited, though.