Productivity at toll

For three days, the farthest I got outside my apartment was the Sari-sari store at the corner of our street. If not for my cravings for some overused oils and E. coli, I would be stuck on my couch in front of the computer with occasional digestion of trashy entertainment from Kris Aquino.

School doesn't starts until the 8th, Caramoan trip postponed due to conflict with my corporate slave friends, I am currently broke and I have no reason to go back to the province up north anytime soon. Thus, leaving me with no option but to engross myself with the internet and some random chat with a friend who has employment problems.

There is nothing new, actually. For more than a year now I have lived alone, relying on my parents money and hopes that I will be that person they have always dreamed of. It was a perfect setting. I could walk around the house naked, not clean in a week and bring home any guy I want, except that I don't do that. I was the perfect example of the probinsiyano boy sent to the urbs to be what other people expects of him.

So there I was at the brink of my profanity. But this came.

Out of nowhere, Venus eclipsed our Moon. After years of looking (and fancying) at Venus at 4 in the morning, there it was at its brightest.

I have to expect more things ahead. Just some tweaks on how I perceive the remaining days of the summer break and everything will be fine. Even Venus agrees.

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