I don't know if this has to do with both my parents working for the government or it's just they know the way to my mind.

I am not actually vocal with my parents about what's happening with my life. They never heard anything from me when I was on the verge of shifting to MassComm back in college , nor when I had the worst heartache I had so far. I am close to my mom, but my nature just leans towards being secretive and unexpressive.

Except for these past months. I was very vocal with the stress and death I am suffering.

And because my parents were such good angels sent from heaven (sarcasm included), the moment my mom visited me and my sister in our apartment, a money wasting spree happened. My mom said I should also destress sometimes and plunge myself with worldly pleasure(I wish I could tell her Mr. Dreamguy is single once again).

So after one weekend of doing not law related things, I saw myself with a brand new laptop, an extra phone so I can have a Sun sim, more money in my account, almost a dozen new novels and DVDs and brand new school supplies.
Again, I am not sure if I'll be happy or not.


  1. I plug the holes in my soul with material things all the time.

    But yes - creature comforts can be cold comfort indeed.

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