Midterm dilemma

They say change is good. But after entering a new world, would going back to your previous one constitute change or merely an act of reverting. Thus, applied retroactively, would involve going back to the original state. And if this reversion is a result of a struggling personal conflict, then would the law of the universe conspire despite influences and dilemmas brought upon by unsettled conflicts.

Ok. That previous paragraph looked like retired Chief Justice Panganiban writing the first few paragraphs of his ponente. And I am updating this blog despite having a200 page SCRA waiting for me, so I'll keep this short.

After two months in this hell, some lights were shed. The story- I was in company with my creative alter ego again last week. I did some art stuff for our group, and together with a classmate who worked for an ad agency for the last three years, we gave the umph to our class and the professor. Yes, the thing still dealt with law school, but the appreciation and the praises for the concept and the work were so uplifting I even uploaded it in FB (if we are friends in FB, then you probably know I don't post images there)

Thus, the dilemma that comes after.

I am seriously updating my resume now and trying to keep in touch with all those companies and agencies I rejected last summer just because I entered this portal of hell. This is hard because one, it takes pride (and maybe humiliation) in what I am doing and two, focus on the plurality of the word agencies and companies (oo na mayabang na, pero madami talaga:)).

Midterm season and these questions keep popping in my mind again. My mom is visiting this weekend, and some serious talking may happen.

Also, I need some reminding that I need to read 2-3 feet of papers for this month. Talking about life. Thank you.


  1. I'm guessing Ateneo. I saw the words Panganiban, ponente, and 2-3 feet and figured we're probably in the same boat. I used to be a writer naman. Well, still am, I just don't write as much.


  2. Not Ateneo:D

    And it seems like you are enjoying law school. Good for you:D