Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts. So until now, I don't get the reason behind getting one after a break-up.

It came even before the Popoy-Basha thing in One More Chance. Friends would cry over one lost love and then a week after, it's like an entirely new persona without any trace of what was lamented. A lot of people I know turned to this therapy and looking at the frequency it is being used, maybe it works.

Everyone will tell you deserve better. But the reality is, no one is willing to give it to you. Maybe the whole overhaul part is to commence an entirely new chapter. New hair, new perspective. It may be placebo, but who am I to say. All I know is getting yourself fixed is preparatory if you want to be back in the market again.

Or maybe it is because it is easier to have a part of your body cut than to fight for what you really want and be left bruised and scarred inside.

And oh, regarding haircuts, I hate having one when I have an exam. I think I am cutting some part of what I have studied. See, my problems are surreal.

To seatmate-Follow your heart. (But you know I will actually say "Kike mo, mag-aral ka muna.")


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  2. Ah, salon therapy. Its logic has often eluded me until I was able to put it to the test. I think it's a way to pacify that little voice in your head that screams "AAAAAAHHHHH I'M ALONE AGAIN!!!!!" every five seconds. It's like you lose that thinking on the same day that you start looking differently.

    Oh and I'm glad the hiatus didn't last long. :)

  3. my ex liked my hair long. i had it cut short after we broke up. now i'm thinking about letting it grow again.

  4. There, so pattern holds true! hahahah.

    Breakup or not, salon days are always full of love.

  5. superstitious ka palang tao... hahahaha!

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  7. SLB, i heard it's a chinese pamahiin daw to cut the hair after a break up. talk about the malas and the swerte thing. HA!

    and oh, regarding that "you deserve someone better" line that they always say, i don't take that. you see, the best person for me would always be the guy of my choice. not the person they think is best for me.

  8. wc: actually i am not, haha. that's just some personal routine I got used to. my dad is though.

    cp:and i thought it's a filipino thing!