Let me see what's underneath

No not your peacock.

God knows how much I miss college PE days. Despite our school's ill maintained shower rooms, I still miss the actions.

Rant: With this freaking month's sched, I guess this blog is up for hiatus.


  1. so campy. i like.
    come back soon

  2. this has got to be one of the more inane songs in the record. much as i would hate to admit it, it's actually a pretty effective wake up song and a perfect soundtrack to an ice cold bath. lol

    Hurry back!

  3. Three things. (1)I was kind of disturbed with its in-your-face campy-ness, (2)the bespectacled get-up with the bow-tie is way up my alley of cute, and (3)for some reason, I have this intense craving to learn the choreography.