First week madness

And so I went to my undergraduate college to meet some friends and have lunch to escape the realms of the post-graduate portal I am currently in. Because we don't want to talk about our academic situations and being outcasts to the new batch of freshmen to actually share some hot gossip, we settled with the topic a lot of people may not seem comfortable talking about.

You see, my girl friend K has just broken up with a relationship of almost seven years less than three months ago. After some, actually a lot of flirting with other guys and girls, she decided to not commit to anything anymore. But some girls just want to have fun.

Friend K: Hanapan mo naman ako ng lovelife.
somelostboy: Gusto mo ng taga-Law?
Friend K: Gago. Hanapan mo naman ako ng magkakaroon ng time para sa akin.

So there. That conversation summarizes my life now. I am in the mood to sing Ben King's I Who Have Nothing with all the money, time and happiness I am deprived of now.


  1. gradschool. one week's over and i want to quit. lol

  2. my former professor used to tell us, law school is worst than a jealous mistress... hahaha!

  3. @arkin: 2nd week starts now. HAHA

    @Felipe: Let's sing to that!

    WC: Indeed! It demands more money and time!