While slowly walking the now-paved academic oval, trying to feel the gloom atmosphere of the academe, I can't help but wish for another break before the torture that is waiting for me. The clouds are beginning to show weight from the rain, ready to fall anytime. It was the perfect day before the start of class- depressing.

To add to the misery, a young straight couple walks some few steps ahead of me. My attempt to cherish the cold breeze was gone with the wind as I hear the couple giggle.

Then the couple stopped, and looked at me. The guy was pretty cute, the dorky type with his braces on. I was starting to build an excuse in the back of my mind in case he asks for a threesome. It turned out to be just another chance for me to be some good stranger in the road.

Guy: Kuya, san po iyong TBA?

If we go to the same school, then you probably know that jokes that come with the TBA. If you are a freshie and trying to look for your class in Room TBA, some sophomores would probably give a prank and say The Bahay ng Alumni or worst, the non-existent Theodoro Benigno Academy.

After I heard the question, I was caught in a very difficult situation. Shall I be the good Samaritan, or for just one time, play the wicked upperclassmen? I went blank.

LostBoy: To be Announced.

As I walked away from the couple, I can't help but think of the first few days of my university life. I was a freshman excited to start a new step in his life, still full of hopes and dreams. Just like those kids, I once saw the world as a big, nice world for me to conquer and lead in my hands.

That enthusiasm is something I seem to lose now. So I spent the few more steps in the academic oval trying to question that kid inside of me, for I know he still exists.


  1. HAHA. this is so funny. i have my manila version of tba stories. and in fairness to me, good samaritan din. forever helpful upperclassmen, we are.

  2. I remember my freshie days. Good thing hindi to nangyare sakin. HAHA! powertrip talaga minsan ang mga upperclass. brr.

    there will always be a little boy in our hearts that will never grow up and refuses to grow old. talkin about peter pan. haha