Weekend rant

I wish I could write about those precious high school memories that would match Sharon Cuneta's tune. If given the time, I could make a great epic from it. But the world has already changed- people moved in and out, sentiments varied. It's as if all those realities were unripe, but I consumed it anyway.

Five, or maybe six years ago, life was so basic I could paint who I am in few flicks. I go for casual clothings and stay until the sun sets while eating fishballs and talk about the day that was with people who, I thought, matters.

Now, the tabula rasa of this new found life has yet to find the right mix to actually make a mark. Late nights are now spent looking forward with a cynic state of mind. I could, for a day or two survive without human interaction.

Time has played its part. Now at the brink of this profanity and the cruelty of its reality, grabbing a cup of coffee while hitting a stick or two are the only things that questions the volatility of this world.

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  1. ganun talaga, it's up to you how you deal with all the changes, you may stay or go with the flow or better yet create your own destiny

    sabaw lang utak ko now, pasensya