5:00 AM. The dawn broke with tiny droplets of rain while I waited for a cab under the Katipunan underpass. For 30 minutes I stood there unmoved, the first few minutes looking for unoccupied cabs, the majority spent just staring at screeching jeepneys and people running to take shelter from the rain. The gloom of the morning made the wait worth it. At last, a cab. The instance I entered the badly re-freshened car, the driver's radio played Aegis' Basang Basa sa Ulan.

3:00 AM. Things get on my nerve easier these past few days. Getting pissed by small things has been a part of my life. Japan lost over Paraguay. Where's Paraguay? They don't have Hidetoshi Nakata!

1:00 AM. The nature of McDonalds as a fast food chain is questionable, especially in areas around UP. Armed with my four highlighter, red pen, iPod, a pack of Lights and a cup of iced coffee, I tried to look serious as the piles of cases stacked in the table from my bag. The thing with me is, I choose what to read and not to read. The tendency of bias is high for me. Thus, rape cases are always on top of the list. Again, despite the non-academic atmosphere I was into, the temptation of cheaper coffee and free wi-fi and proximity got me.

11:00 PM. Imagine looking wasted and stressed. And while having a good smoke outside Cantina with a friend, some random kid approached me and said "Kuya, ang gwapo mo."

9:00 PM. Nothing beats a stressful day than a round of alcohol with good friends. With all the stress coming from all aspects of life, having somebody to actually share your stories with is a sigh of relief. After some thousand bucks spent, I realized I am at the brink of poverty. But then again, who cares.

7:00PM. Random moments are random and fun.

5:ooPM. The hell we cared about the rain. At the bad weather's strongest, the rush of jogging again after a few months is orgasmic. All books and photocopied materials were dropped to play Frisbee despite the lack of skills. Again, the hell. Studying is dead.

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