Better lock this in your pocket

This is no secret. Well, I don't really announce this in front of everyone because it will absolutely raise eyebrows (and getting out of the closet is the least of my priority now). But I am hooked to this new girl show on ABC.

Pretty Little Liars, it is. After the disappointment Gossip Girl brought me for the past two seasons, I looked for a good new no-brainer show to delve in in case of too much academic pressure. The mystery premise I love, Ian Harding is just a bonus.

And it has one of the awesomest opening song I have seen for the past few years. Ultimate LSS. The Pierces is love.
Cause two can keep a secret,
If one of them is dead.


  1. HAHA. i am a fan toooo.

    Aria and mr. fitz! eeep.

    and Spencer and the medstudent.

    im going to faint. haha

  2. Can I just say, the med student is so hooot? HAHAHA

  3. send your email dear (through formspring) :) i shall add you. :)