The search for the ultimate coffee shop

And no, I didn't look for the best coffee shop around Cubao area. I spent an hour looking for a coffee shop, that's it. If this is a regular day, I could've just went to to typical spot in Starbucks Alimall. But the winds last night were cool like hell, and the brownout that came with it was a ridiculous aftermath.
Tangina naman Basyang, bakit ba ang tigas tigas mo?
I slept last night without electricity. I woke up without any sign of light and signal from my phone. Afraid of my 12PM class, I crammed reading my Criminal cases. The moment I stepped out of the house, my phone's signal went to life and flashed the message I most dreaded- "Classes suspended."

So with no electricity in the house and sudden laziness to go to school, I called my sister to accompany me to Cubao and grab some coffee to study. And there the search started.

I went to Alimall first. Sbucks there is not crowded compared to that of Araneta where people flock to be noticed. (If you are in the mood to study, I recommend this place if you are around the area.) But with lightning stricken bad luck, the shop was closed. Next stop, Coffee Bean/ Krispy Kreme area in Gateway. But no seats available.

I drove back to Alimall to check again, but still closed. I was almost enticed to just go inside SM Cubao, knowing there's a small coffee shop in the middle of the basement, but decided not to. Gloria Jeans in Shopwise is crowded by foreigners. Out of frustration, I went inside Gateway to check Starbucks and Figaro, despite my pet peeve of seeing a lot of people while having coffee. But still, no seat.

Last resort, I called my friend in Katipunan to check if there's any good place in the area, but friend was also in for a search since Seattle's Best and other shops were whether closed or full. Tomas Morato or Maginhawa is too far for a laze ass like me.

Right after I ended the call, a couple left a table in Starbucks Gateway. I grabbed my bag and raced my way inside. Goodness gracious. The end.


  1. that's true. starbucks ali mall is a better place to study than the one at araneta. =) but then again i rarely hang out at starbucks.

  2. I'm not partial to Starbucks though. So long as the coffee's hot and bitter as hell, there's a place where I could smoke and read my book, it's fine. Heck, I even go to local coffeeshops. I find the quaint and hype-less endearing.