1)At least once a sem, I suffer a physical breakdown. And after one month in school, I said hello to medications again.
It started Wednesday, right after I was called by a professor and stood for two hours in the class trying to answer the fairness of criminal construction in the country. The next thing I knew, I was having problem breathing. Then last night, while my friends are in Katipunan drinking, I was at home drowning myself with bioflu and multivitamins.
Today, despite the headache and drowsiness, I went to my morning class because an automatic grade of 5 is given to someone who is absent and called. I wasn't called. I don't know if that's good thing or not.

2) Despite the terror it brings, I love school. I love the company and random funny moments like when we were talking about a friend's look-a-like in the higher level.
Friend: Anong tawag dun, yung sa How I met, GANGBANGER?
Me and another friend: Huh?
Friend: Yung kamukha, gangbanger?
*after 5 seconds*
Friend: Ay DOPPELGANGER pala.
Slb: Sa ibang show kasi yung ganbanger. Porn dude.

3) Weekly grocery has always been on my to do list. And I usually go after class, thus with all stacks of books and paper in my bag. So from school few days ago, I went to shop and proceeded to the baggage counter. Upon carrying my bags, the baggage personnel looked at me suspiciously and asked "Boss, anong laman nito. Bakit ang bigat?" I looked at him and with conviction said "Papel."

4) I now have two favorite time of the month, 15th and 30th. Yes, payday. I love friends who already have jobs because I have more reasons to be treated every month.

5) My mom informed me that I am to godfather (is this even a verb?) a childhood friend's new born son. A few months ago, I just had my high school classmate's daughter to worry every Christmas. But according to my mom, I should be lucky because people remember me and still connects. I just said yes. I can't argue with a person who attends wedding and christening in a weekly basis.
Argh. I hate signs of getting old.

And now, I must rest. Ktnxbye.

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  1. i love school too. but i hate it too. HAHAHA. :) i can feel for you my fellow gradstudent. haha.

    check your maaail! :)